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Form Layout with acf_form?

  • I am not sure what the best way to do this is with ACF Pro. I’m still discovering how to do a lot of these things.

    I have a simple CPT and I have added some fields using AFC.

    I was starting with using afc_form() but I am running into some snags when trying to style the layout

    My backend and front end if I use the acf_form() function looks like this:

    Basic layout

    Wrapper attributes are blank.

    What I am going for is a form where the Event title is side by side with the event date, with a little padding between. Then event leader side by side with event date.

    Then if I try setting wrapper attributes to 50% each as a starting point, I get this:

    Note: I just pointed DNS to this server for these images, but I suspect that DNS updates will be finished by the time anyone looks at this 🙂

    50% layout

    I am expecting to her: “use styling…” and honestly, I have without much success. I have tried adding class names inside the wrapper attributes and tried using existing one. The styles just seem to get overridden.

    Can anyone provide a best practices and some possible workflows for styling the form presented using afc_form()? Am I going about this all wrong? Is there a better way to style this really simple form for the front and back ends?

    Thanks in advance for help!


  • Ok, I wasn’t using/defining my CSS correctly.

    Live and learn I guess.

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