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Taxonomy Fields and Conditional Logic for Multiple Terms

  • The post from April of 23 requesting the same thing is marked solved but doesn’t seemed to be solved, or at least there doesn’t seem to be a satisfactory solution for one very common condition…

    I asked about reusing fields in different groups each with different location settings and hube2 pointed me to the idea of using a Taxonomy Field and setting conditional logic with the subsequent fields. It like a very suitable solution.

    In that thread, as in the thread posted 3 months ago, hube2 says to use Selection is Greater than [term id-1], and Selection is less than [term id+1]. I found this only works when you have just one term ID selected, which is often not the case, especially when the taxonomy is hierarchical, and both parent and child are selected.

    Additionally, as part of this request, it’s worth point out that having to use ‘Greater Than’ and ‘Less Than’ a term ID is not ideal. There are instances in migration where a term id may need to change, but the slug(s) will remain the same.

  • The developers do not monitor this forum.

    There is a 3rd party plugin called ACF Extended that might provide this functionality.

    If you want to bring this to the attention of the developers:

    1. Feedback Page
    2. Contact Form
    3. Open a ticket in your account
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