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Font size of the back end options

  • First, big thumbs up for the plugin itself. I was using a popular all-in-one plugin to handle both custom post types and custom fields, but I switched to using this one for custom fields after seeing that it was just a cut above.

    Question: is there any possibility of maybe bumping up the font-size and line-height for .acf_postbox p.label elements? I find the labels are quite difficult to read at just 11px/1.1em: bumping them up to, say, 13px/1.5em would be a big plus.

  • Hi @peter_a

    Thanks for the request. I agree that the 11px font size doesn’t quite fit with the new larger fonts in WP 3.8

    I’ve increased the font size and line height and will include this fix in the next version.


  • Cheers Elliot, much appreciated.

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