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  • It would be nice to have a new Field Type for Font Picker. The fonts can come from Google’s hosted web fonts. Additionally with this option, it would be great if developers could add their own custom fonts to the font list, restrict only certain fonts to show in the list, etc.

  • Hello.

    Awesome ACF has a couple different solutions for this. Some aren’t native WP plugins, but instead… code that resides on GitHub for you to include yourself.

    Feature requests to include things into the core of ACF can be submitted through the ACF ticket system. It’s difficult to know if this will make priority… it’s up to the sole developer 🙂

    Hope the existing solutions found on Awesome ACF can help you out!

  • Yes @jongyc in this way anyone can pick font weights and character sets in the Font Picker quickly and comfortably. If you want these here, they are available in your subject.

    The weight of custom font (wingdings font) (thin, light, regular, etc.) determines the size of the font at the front end. It can be a perfect way to differentiate titles and subtitles, to increase the overall typography of the pages, and more.

    Character sets are particularly ideal for multi-language sites as they allow you to use Latin, Cyrillic, Greek, etc. Although not all fonts allow additional character set you can pick one or more character sets.

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