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Flexible / Modular Layout Via ACF. Best way to accomplish?

  • I am trying to setup a portfolio page, giving the client the ability to create 1 to n modules on a given page, each with their own layout. Originally, I wanted to start with a repeater that allowed you to choose a layout module and then conditionally show the fields needed for that module’s layout.

    But I found that ACF currently doesn’t allow conditionals within a repeater.

    So I tried using tabs, with each tab starting with a select, that conditionally showed fields based on what layout module was selected in the select, but now I think I’ve hit a hard limit on the number of fields I can have on a single field group.

    Is there a smarter/better way to accomplish what I’m setting out to do?

  • Not sure if this will help, but to give you an idea of what my ACF field group looks like:


    And this is the first select expanded:

    Layout Type Field Groups

  • Hi @rkeefer

    The flexible content field is definitely what you want to be using, not the repeater:

  • Thanks, Elliot. I looked at Flexible Content Field briefly, but not fully understanding its power/usage. Might be time to buy a license of that for home and work.

    You have any examples of it in practice along the lines of what I’m looking to do?

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