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Flexible Layout: Odd Editing Behavior When Using in Page

  • I have created a flexible layout that would allow admins to add one or two columns (by choice) of text in an element. This works great when text is being added in the Page.

    My issues:
    1. If the user selects ‘1 Column’, I would like the text editor to take up the full width of the area. There doesn’t seem to be a section in the Custom Field settings to set this. The only one setting ‘Wrapper Attributes’ affects both choices (if the admin chooses 1 Column or 2 Column). You can see the attachments (custom-field-setting.PNG, full-width-1-column.PNG).


  • Hi @toad78

    I believe you can do it by using custom JS code. In the JS code, you can check if the selected choice is 1-column and then change the text editor width. You can add the script by using the acf/input/admin_footer action hook. Please take a look at this page to learn how to add custom JS script:

    I hope this helps 🙂

  • I little bit beyond by knowledge, but I’ll give it a go.

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