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Flexible Fields: appearing fields based on templates

  • How about to extend the flexible fields like that:

    Flexible fields with Field A and Field B.
    Field A appears on Page Template P-A.
    If we select the Template P-AB, Firld B also appears in the flexible Fields.
    i hope you know what i mean…

  • Hi @benjamin3000

    Sorry, your question is very hard to understand. Can you please clearly articulate the issue?

  • sorry for the bad english 😀
    In an Flexible Field, you create subfields, and at every single subfield you can select at which page-templates this subfield should appear. if the selection was DEFAULT the subfield would be aviable at every template. if i select Template-A the field would be only aviable when my page has the template Template-A

  • Hi @benjamin3000

    I understand now, thanks.

    This is not possible with the flexible content field and would be a bit too hard to implement.

    Perhaps you could create a field group for each page template and use the location rules to do so.


  • well, i’ll try it, and when i am done, can i insert an link in this thread, where u can download the edited flexible field file? or should i mail it to you?


  • Hi @benjamin3000

    It sounds like you have already developed a customized flexible content field.

    Yes, please do email me this if you would like me to look over it.


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