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Flexible field with table content broken since 3.8?

  • Hi all,

    I’m using the Flexible Content Plugin to create tables. I’ve got a WYSIWYG field where I paste tables form Excel. Everything worked fine up to 3.7. As of 3.8 all my table’s content is rendered completely wrong. I disabled all other plugins and the error persists…

    Content from the top most cell gets repeated over all cells…

    I have the error in both 4.3.3 and 4.3.4 versions of ACF.

  • Hi @Exelmans Graphics

    I don’t believe ACF has the functionality to modify the table wihtin your WYSIWYG field. There must be somethign else going on here.

    Perhaps you have some JS which is modifying the table? It looks like the jQuery may have a bug and is modifying all cells html / text value.

    Hope that helps.


  • You’re right. It was JS bugging things up. I’m sorry for thinking this might’ve been ACF.

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