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Flexible field is appearing twice on admin page

  • Hi, I have recently cloned a flexible field and now found that one of the flexible fields is appearing twice on the page in the backend.

    The field is definitely not duplicated in the Custom Fields section.

    I also set a rule to not display the cloned field on that page and also tried changing ids on the cloned field, but still the field group is displayed twice.

    This also has the effect of emptying any content which was in the original field.
    If I populate the first one again and hit update the content disappears again.

    I have a deadline here so would appreciate a swift response from anyone!

    I am not using WPML.
    The site is a staging copy so I could provide a login if necessary.

  • I had to manually delete a json file that had another version of the field group.
    I tried renaming the field and then reverting it back to the original name.
    For some reason the list of fields in admin showed one group with that name but the page was pulling in both versions.

    Maybe it’s a bug?

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