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Flexible Content WYSIWYG Toolbar Issue

  • Hi All,

    I’m really hoping someone can help.

    We’re using WP 5.0.3 and ACF Pro 5.7.9 and classic editor 1.3

    We’re using the flexible content option and have a text option with WYSIWYG editor, allowing media and full toolbars.

    However, on the page or post, the editor isn’t loading correctly and simply shows the absolute minimum buttons:

    We have no js errors (checked the console).
    We’ve tried several WP themes (2017/2019).
    We’ve disabled all plugins (apart from ACF Pro and then Classic Editor)
    Recreated fields

    Nothing seems to work! I’m at a loss and even tried a full reinstall of WP and ACF Pro

    Has anyone else had this issue or know a fix please?

    Many thanks

  • Edit* Sorry, I should also say I’ve tried 5.8.0-beta3 but to no avail

  • We have the same problem. When specifying tabs, full toolbars, media buttons. It resets after saving to use: Only visual tab, basic toolbar and no media buttons.

    We’re using a repeater with flexible content. The wysiwyg field is inside one of the flexible fields.

  • If you are not seeing the Visual/Text tabs on the right, to get this I need to select “Text Only” under the Tabs setting for the WYSIWYG. What you’re seeing is what I see if I click on the “Text” tab. Otherwise, it seems to be working as expected for me.

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