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Flexible Content Type w/ Columns Shortcode is not expanding parent

  • I am working on a website leveraging the ‘Flexible Content’ type within ACF. One of the child layouts has a single Text element of ‘Wysiwyg Editor’ type.

    I’ve installed the ‘Columns Shortcode’ plugin as I’d like to be spread out location information across 3 columns. The columns are displaying fine, but the background for the parent div doesn’t appear to be expanding when columns are being used in that Wysiwyg element. It’s almost like it’s not recognizing when the floatable column divs are breaking to the next line. I have confirmed the background div will expand when it’s straight text.

    Is that a known issue? Should I approach this solution from a different angle?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • From your description it appears that the shortcodes plugin that you have installed is not returning anything to be shown. This is what happens when you add a shortcode that does not exist. It seems that the plugin you are using is no longer supported, unless I found the wrong one. ACF WYSIWYG fields run shortcodes.

  • That was exactly it! I used the ‘Shortcodes Ultimate’ plugin that had column support and it worked perfectly. I really appreciate the response – I definitely missed that that plugin wasn’t updated recently.

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