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Flexible content type not saving last items in admin view

  • I am using flexible content type with repeaters nested within it.

    I have a live site and a dev site. Dev is local and live is at HostGator. Both were working earlier and the client notified me that some items of content fell off on the live site. When I went in to troubleshoot I realized that the custom fields for the 9th item within the repeater is missing on the live site.

    So I tried to add it back in and it saves but the new custom field won’t show. I feel like everything after 8 items is just falling off. The reason for that is I can edit something in the first item but anything below the 8th won’t stick.

    I feel like the issue is something to do with config settings on live (although everything was working ok on the same servers) Here is what I have done to troubleshoot so far…I have access to the php.ini file and am verifying that my config changes are sticking by checking a phpinfo() file. I have ramped up all these settings: max_input_vars, post_max_size, max_execution_time, max_input_time, max_input_nesting_level, memory_limit

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