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Flexible Content – show one field collapsed

  • Hi,

    when I collapse a repeater-item, there is the option to show one specific sub-field when collapsed. This is a very nice feature.

    Is the same possible with flexible content? I have the same sub-field “note” in every flexible content items, where the customer can store a note about the content in the field(s).

    If it is not possible at the moment please implement that feature.


    Edit: Solved with the function.php

    function my_acf_flexible_content_layout_title( $title, $field, $layout, $i ) {
    	if( $notiz = get_sub_field('notiz') ) {		
    		$title .= ' &rArr; <i class="notizheader">' . $notiz . '</i>';		
    	return $title;
    add_filter('acf/fields/flexible_content/layout_title/name=rows', 'my_acf_flexible_content_layout_title', 10, 4);
  • Hi @ctrick ,

    Thanks a lot for this feedback, very helpful in improving the product.

    I am going to mark the response for the developer to consider such a feature 🙂

  • I also make extensive use of flexible content in my themes. It would be lovely if it was implemented natively!

  • Hello,

    I am also interested in this. How did you solve it with your function? Did you add any specific field named “notiz”.

    Also, do you know when this will be implemented natively?


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