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Flexible Content + Repeater + Content Structure

  • I have a situation where I’m open to new thoughts (it is highly probable I’m going about this incorrectly).

    My content structure is such – from parent to child..:
    1. Battery Category (rechargeable/disposable)
    2. Battery (Alkaline/Zinc…)
    3. Battery Type (AA, AAA,…)
    4. Brand (Panasonic/Energizer…)

    There are many types of batteries (Alkaline, Zinc..) and they all could have the common batteries (AA, AAA..) assigned to them and each battery has a brand. So a user would be able to visit a URL like this:

    – This page should display all batteries that are Rechargeable AND Alkaline AND are in the brand Panasonic.

    Likewise this should work like this as well:

    This is my setup
    1. I have a page Rechargeable Batteries with sub pages of Alkaline, Zinc
    2. I have a flexible Field with Repeater on the Alkaline page to add “Brands” as a single text input, and then in a repeater, add the batteries.

    So when I visit: /rechargeable-batteries/alkaline/
    I can see the brands. I’m not displaying the batteries under each brand here.

    Last part:
    When a user clicks on a brand (/rechargeable-batteries/alkaline/panasonic) they should see the repeater fields under this title for this entry.

    I’m not sure how to do the last part. Ideas?

  • Hi @conradical

    I think you can create a custom post type of brands and inside that post type, you can add a repeater field of the Battery Types. This way you can set the URL slug, and it’s accessible as a post. On the Battery subpages, you can add a repeater with Post Object Field in it which is assigned for the Brands custom post type.

    I hope this makes sense.

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