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Flexible Content Reorder Issue

  • Hi plugin author, I had implemented ACF PRO latest version in the website,

    First of all, sorry for making the duplicate posts

    I have created a flexible content for section and implemented background color and background image for each section,

    As per my design , i have created my design almost complete but when the client says to add something above certain section the issue is showing. At first I create a section through flexible content and reorder as per the client needs the background image is showing in two section one with background color and one with background image itself

    I had created a dummy page for the issue to show you in my website.

    Page Link

    I have also included some pics of the issue.

    Here is my code

    At page.php file I run a flexible content loop and set the content to desired templates as need.

    //Get subfield values
    $section_background = get_sub_field('section_background');
    $section_color = get_sub_field('section_background_color');
    $section_extra_class = get_sub_field('section_extra_classes');
    <?php if (!empty($section_background)): ?>
        <?php $unique_id = esc_attr(uniqid('section-'));?>
            #<?php echo $unique_id; ?> {
                background-image: url(<?php echo $section_background; ?>);
    <?php endif;?>
    <section class="section<?php echo sprintf(' %s %s', $section_color, $section_extra_class); ?>" <?php if (isset($unique_id)) {
    	echo sprintf(' id="%s"', $unique_id); }?>>
        <div class="container">
     * Loop through layout types registered in ACF plugin.
     * Field group -> "Page Sections" -> "Section" -> "Section Content Types"
    if (have_rows('section_content_types')):
    	while (have_rows('section_content_types')): the_row();
    		//Regular Layout
    		if (get_row_layout() == 'regular_layout'):
    			get_template_part('template-parts/page/layout', 'regular');
    			//Equal Columns Layout
    		elseif (get_row_layout() == 'equal_column_layout'):
    			get_template_part('template-parts/page/layout', 'equal-columns');
    			//Landing Layout
    		elseif (get_row_layout() == 'landing_layout'):
    			get_template_part('template-parts/page/layout', 'landing');
    			//Tabs Layout
    		elseif (get_row_layout() == 'tabs_layout'):
    			get_template_part('template-parts/page/layout', 'tabs');

    ACF In posts

    ACF Structure in Posts

    When the New Section is added

    When New Section is added

    When Reordering The section

    When Reordering the section

    In Inspect Element

    In Inspect Element

    here is my issue in Problem.

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