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Flexible content on taxonomy page

  • Hi,

    I am currently working on a woocommerce website and I have an issue on this :

    		// Check value exists.
    		if( have_rows('contenu_flexible', $current_category->taxonomy.'_'.$current_category->term_id) ):
    			echo "ok";
    			// Loop through rows.
    			while ( have_rows('contenu_flexible', $current_category->taxonomy.'_'.$current_category->term_id) ) : the_row();

    but I can’t even display the “ok”. And if I do a var dump avec the acf field it shows an array : array(11) {
    string(28) “texte_pleine_largeur_de_page”

    So I do have data in this field I don’t know how i can manage to display everything I want

    Thank you !

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