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flexible content loading settings from other layouts

  • This one may be a bit hard to describe, so I’ll try to go slow. I have a flexible content setup that has a layout block called ‘spacer’. It is intended to provide a variety of different visual spacers.

    Just discovered that FC is loading layout settings from one block and applying them to another. Shouldn’t they be totally independent? Here’s what’s happening:


    Layout 4 is a divider and was already added to the page. (Note: the “type” button group simply shows and hides different settings using conditional logic.)

    Then I added Layout 3 to add a blank space; haven’t saved the change yet. If I click ‘divider’ in Layout 3 you’ll see that its blank, as expected:


    Then I save the page. And that’s where this doesn’t make sense, because the background image divider has now loaded from Layout 4 into Layout 3:


    I’ve never seen settings or content from one flex content layout get loaded into another. Shouldn’t these be rendered as completely separate?

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