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Post Object type Filter by Taxonomy

  • I’ve noticed that when selecting a value from Filter by Taxonomy in a field of type Post Object that every taxonomy/category is pulled into the select list. The problem is that I have hundreds of tags and don’t want those pulled into the list. Really, I only want one specific taxonomy to show up in this list.

    Is there a way get the Filter by Taxonomy list to show just one taxonomy. I’ve already looked at the available Filters in the documentation but none of them seem like they’d be on any help in this case.


  • Hi @sjferwerda

    I’m afraid you can’t do it. If you want, you can modify the core file, but it will be overridden on plugin updates. I’m sorry for the inconvenience.


  • Thanks so much for your quick reply James. Your answer was what I suspected. Don’t think I want to modify core, so we’ll probably look into getting rid of Tags which we were using for related posts. Or we might just keep using Tags and rely on the auto complete that’s built into the Filter by Taxonomy select field, rather than try to scroll through all of the taxonomy values.

  • Hi @sjferwerda

    Yeah, I’m afraid you need to use the auto-complete feature instead. But the good news is that you only need to set it up once for every post object field 🙂

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