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Flexible Content JS Bug on Firefox

  • Hi all,

    I’ve found that while on Chrome the flexible content fields are working as expected, on Firefox the JS doesn’t work as expected and even not returning an error in the console. It might be happening only to my particular example but it might be happening to others as well.


    – Flexible Content “Layouts” tooltip keeps opened once click the first time.
    It doesn’t close even if you select an option.

    – Fields inside flexible content like a select relationship stop working properly. JS is unable to search within the objects and keeps displaying “searching…”

    ACF: 5.2.9
    WP : 4.3
    Firefox: 40.0.2
    OS: OS X Yosemite


    I’ve got the idea of reinstalling Firefox and the issue is gone now, so it looks it was an isolated issue. This thread can be close, false alarm.



  • Glad you got it worked out.

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