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Flexible Content using a Modal

  • What do you think about using the elements of a flexible content, editable into a modal window?

    I think this way would be less confuse when you have too many elements to edit. The list will be focused on organize the position of each element and a new button “Edit” would be attached to open the fields inside a modal.

  • @elliot

    I built this function to use in my projects. I think it gets a little bit easier to edit without the distraction of many elements opened at the same time. The list is focused in order the elements and the edit button works with the content.

    Download the plugin to test, the idea to create the modal is just using CSS, not moving the html content to the modal!

  • Hi @edir

    Thanks for the topic.

    I think features like this are better left to 3rd party plugins exactly like what you have created.

    Great work on the plugin, it looks light weight and many developers will enjoy it!

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