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Flexible content grid sorting

  • At my agency we have been playing around with the new block display and especially the width functionality is a very welcome addition. It really gives a great boost in usability to be able to control the layout of fields in the administrator.

    On that note, one thing that would really give ACF a whole new place in our pipeline would be flexible fields as a sortable grid.

    Imagine adding a flexible content field and defining a width of say 50% (from a dropdown). The width of the field group in the administrator would reflect this and only have a width of 50%.

    Then being able to drag these fields around in a grid to sort (like you can now but only vertically).

    This would turn flexible fields into a full blown page builder.

  • Hi @jursdotme

    Thank you for the great description of the issue, the feature request has been received and has been sent forth to the developer 🙂

    This would really make a great addition to the plugin!

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