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Flexible Content Fields on Front End

  • I bought the Flexible Content add-on thinking that I would be able to put the fields in columns to take up less vertical real estate on the page on a front end form.

    Is it possible to have a form with the fields already available for the end user, so they don’t have to click a button to populate a row/table with a set of flexible content fields?

  • Hi @kfawcett

    By default, no, the flexible content appears empty and you must add layouts to it. However, it would be possible to run some simple JS on the page to trigger a click on the appropriate ‘Flexible Content Add layout ‘buttons.


  • Hey @elliot,

    That’s a bummer, guess I’ll have to scrap using the Flexible Content Field. Is there any other way to put the fields in columns on the front end?


  • Hi @kfawcett

    You can use the repeater field to construct a table interface, or you could just use some CSS to float the fields into columns.


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