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Flexible content field moved to sub-group ACF5

  • I’ve run into a strange thing with ACF5 and I’m not sure how to fix it. I was adding a new layout to an existing flexible content field, changed the order of the new layout to the top, hit update and the entire group seems to have moved to a sub-group of the parent (see image). The fields are still there but I’m not sure how to move them back into the original Modules group. Module is the flexible content field and Case Study 1/2 were sub fields of the new layout I was setting up. One change I had made before setting this new layout up was installing the Post Type Switcher plugin.

    Field sub group?

  • I took a look at my database and somehow my Flexible Content field had been changed to a acf-field-group post type. I changed that back to acf-field and that fixed it. I deleted the Case Study 1/2 “groups” and I’m going to just redo that layout. I was on 5.0.3 and have now upgraded to 5.0.5.

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