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Flexible Content Field Limit Subfield Limit?

  • I seem to have a limit to the amount of subfield that I can add to a layout for Flexible Content

    I know this because after I add a subfield and hit save, nothing is added.
    If I duplicate a layout of 5 and hit save, then 5 subfields after that duplicated layout will be deleted.
    If I clear 2 spots at the beginning. Then I can add 2 subfields at the end.

    This all points that there is an issue with subfield limits. I have purchased the the Flexible Content, Gallery, and Repeater

    Attached is the exported PHP file

    Please help my whole theme is based off your amazing plugin

    Thank You

  • This is caused by the php setting max_input_vars

    Check out this plugin, it lets you know when you’re exceeding the limit.

  • Thanks Hube2. I have been developing locally in MAMP Pro. Here is what I did after some research into the solution you recommended.

    I increased this ‘max_input_vars = 3000’.

    In MAMP that is under File > Edit Template > PHP

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