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Flexible Content Conditional Logic

  • I use Flexible Content pretty heavily. It’s the basis of most of the type styles I build and often those type styles encompass all styled used through out the site.

    For example: There may be a total of 5 layouts, in one field set. I want the user to have the option to use any 5 except 2 of those layouts on certain pages.

    I would love the ability to add a condition to certain layouts to not appear on certain pages, but the others would.

  • Hi @emaildano

    Thanks a lot for the feature request.

    I am going to pass it to the developer so that hopefully they may add it to the plugins development path

  • Hi all,

    We are also in need of such a feature. Seems like it has been a year since this post. Is there an add-on developed for this?

  • Hi @ozan

    The plugin author has not yet shared a timeline for this implementation but you could open a support ticket via [email protected] to gain direct access to Elliot regarding this.

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