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Flexible Content – Best Practices Advice Please

  • Created a landing page using flexible content. Working great.

    As development progressed,
    I realized I was duplicating content on pages.

    So I created a custom post called ‘custom blocks
    added a new layout to the landing page flex content
    call custom block areas with just a simple post object select of the ‘custom blocks”

    Now in custom blocks using the same landing page flex content
    I can create reusable blocks really quickly.

    And use them pretty much everywhere. I even have them in my category archive.
    They are also work great.

    But, the question is, Is this good practice?
    Is there something I am not considering?

  • Well, that depends. When you are getting the fields from the “custom blocks” this creates additional queries for every post object that needs to be retrieved. So there will be a performance hit. The more queries the bigger the performance loss.

    I have a site where I did the same thing, I called the blocks “panels” and created a post type for “global panels” the idea what that when content needed to be duplicated, and only when content needed to be duplicated, then the client would use a global panel. But things got out of hand. Rather than create layouts in the page they created them all using the globals and then just picked the ones they want. So it turns out they could copy one global panel and then create a test page to show it, then when they were ready to make it live they could go to the page that it was supposed to be on and swap out the old one for the new one. So now the site has nothing but “global panels”. This has created a query nightmare. A good caching plugin with aggressive caching rules solves most of the performance issues this has created.

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