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Flexible content admin appearance overhaul

  • Hello,

    I have been using flexible content alot and I love powerful it can be when building for wordpress. I am building it as a content builder and I thinking that it needs a design overhaul in the admin. The reason I feel that is when the number of layouts grow larger its harder to keep track of the layouts. I mean if I need to locate a layout or add a new one or duplicate a new one. I am not saying its bad but it might need some improvement in terms of UI/UX. I can share a screenshot of my flexible content fieldgroup?


  • ACF allows you to set the title of each layout using this filter

    Using this filter you can use a field in the layout, for example a special “layout name” field to allow the editor to supply the value to be shown. This can improve usability for the editor in identifying the layout when collapsed to make it easier to find the one to be reordered or edited.

    If you’s like to make other suggestions you can submit them here

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