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Flexi fields within page builders?

  • I successfully used [short-codes] using $atts to display content blocks that are managed by ACF, i applied an ID to target pages too. (‘field’,12345), works great.

    But with Flexi ACF, i am having trouble parsing values from the sub > sub fields:

    — get_row_layout()

    I do manage to target the row (Array output) and sub_field, but not the value: $column[‘my_title’]; i.e. “Hello world..”
    $column[‘my_image’]; i.e. “Hello-world.jpg..”

    I would like to ECHO the field[] and get content onto the page.
    Should be simple, any ideas? thanks!

  • You will need to give more information. Maybe some code would help someone understand what you are trying to do and exactly what part of it is not working.

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