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Fix for flexible content speed issue

  • This might be a fix for the speed issue when loading many wysiwyg editors per post editor (flexible content)

    I noticed the browser only remembers one state for ALL the editors, not for each, so going to any editor’s text view and updating the post will leave ALL the text editors opened as text when reloading the page. Although this could be seen as a bug, it actually speeds up the loading of the editors, because they don’t have to render and filter all the text and images.

    So a permanent fix (this from the devs side because I suck at TinyMCE filters) would be to generate an array of all the images used in the rows, and keeping handy all their thumbnails sizes so they can be quickly placed and replaced when you switch views, so the selected size is only placed on save, but the wysiwyg view would always show the thumbnail 🙂

    I think this could be faster (to program) than removing all the editors and replacing them with screenshots of them, while using a single one taking turns to actually execute each row’s source code, which was my previous suggestion due to the long minutes I had to wait for each page to finish loading.

    I could create a TinyMCE plugin for this from another plugin I made before, but I’m not more proficient than copy/paste/trial/error on that and the last one took me days!

    Any takers? (If I was able to make a TinyMCE plugin in three days, you could it in minutes!)

  • Hi @sergiozambrano

    Thanks a lot for this feedback.

    I believe that this would speed up the loading speeds too.

    Hopefuly it helps someone else in the same situation.

  • Yes please, I would be willing to help!!!

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