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"First letter" away from the admin-area

  • Hello,
    since the last update, some words in the plugins are damage.

    For example:

    In the menu, the word is in german “eigene Felder“.
    After the update it is “e felder“.

    In german, the word is “erstellen“.
    Now there is “stellen

    The first letters are missing 🙁

    I have upload the new de_DE from the plugin, but nothing is happen.
    Do you can help me?


  • 5.1.9 translations are buggy.
    try to update to that should fix translation bug.
    if fields are gone for edit content, look at top right inside options if checkbox with acf-fieldgroup-name is not ticked (there were you manage what is visible or not)
    at my site it was deactivated after update.

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