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First item of Select & Radio Buttons returns empty value

  • I’m using ACF 5.8.0 beta 3 to create blocks, and I’m getting an error with select and radio button fields. I have two choices (short-ad & tall-ad) and am not allowing null. The fields are sometimes returning empty values and other times returning the correct values. It is always the first option in the select or radio button that returns empty (although sometimes it returns the correct value).

    It seems like the Gutenberg editor doesn’t store the default value of a select or radio button in an ACF block. It will only store the value of the first option of radio buttons if I click on the second choice and then again on the first choice. I am currently avoiding this issue by creating a select dropdown and allowing null, so the first choice in the select is -select- and the user must open the dropdown to click on an option.

    Is anyone else experiencing this error?

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