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Find Posts linked through "Post Object".

  • In my set-up, there are two Custom Posts called Books and Chapters.

    For Chapters, I have created a Custom Field called CF_Book, which is a “Post Object”, and links to that particular Chapter‘s Book.

    There is a one-to-many relationship (From Book‘s point of view.): One Book has many Chapters.

    I can get the Book when I have an instance of Chapter. What I need is getting the all Chapters when I have an instance of a Book. How do I do that?

  • Hello…

    Since you have the Book, you can get the Book ID, then you can query all chapters where CF_Book = Book ID

    Here’s a resource to help with Querying posts with Custom Fields.

    Let me know if that’s helpful for you!

  • Thanks Keith, this worked! 🙂

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