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Filters for get field id function

  • Hey, is there any chance to get filter(s) to acf_get_field_id function?


    $args = apply_filters( “acf/get_field_id”, $args );
    $args = apply_filters( “acf/get_field_id/key={$key}”, $args );

    That would be really helpful in my case where WPML is messing up things.


  • Hi @noma

    In what way is WPML messing things up for you? ACF is supposed to be compatible with WPML. Even the options pages with a little bit of custom tweaking:

    You’re not using WPMLs latest RC/Beta of their new version? Because I don’t think elliot has had the chance to look at that yet.

  • WPML’s filters for posts_where mess up the acf_get_field_id’s get_posts query somehow so that it can’t get the ID of some fields and then their values won’t save from the front-end form. When I alter the args on the query (change acf_field_key -> name and suppress_filters -> true) it works fine.

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