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Filtering through 'the_content'

  • Hey,

    I’m using a str_replace to change the content, using WordPress’ default ‘the_content’. However, this does not seem to affect anything that has been submitted through ACF.

    I have this:

    function same_youtube_options($content) {
      return str_replace("rel=0&", "rel0&theme=light&autohide=1&showinfo=0&controls=1&", $content);

    add_filter('the_content', 'same_youtube_options');

    Does ACF have anything similar that I can filter through?

  • ACF has a nice set of filters. You are probably looking for acf/load_field

  • Hi @tomjhume

    The WYSIWYG field uses a filter called acf_the_content. It is much the same as the_content


  • Thanks guys. I’ve conjured up this, which in my mind should work:

    function same_youtube_options_controls_acf($content) {
      $content = get_sub_field('iframe_url'); 
        return str_replace("rel=0&", "rel0&&autohide=1&showinfo=0&controls=1&", $content);
    add_filter('acf/load_field/name=iframe_url', 'same_youtube_options_controls_acf');

    However, the iframe_url just disappears.

    Sorry to be a pain.

  • Hi @tomjhume

    Using get_sub_field within this load_field filter will not work.

    The get_sub_field function MUST be used within a have_rows while loop.

    Perhaps there is more to your question that originally mentioned?
    What are you trying to do? What is your data setup?

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