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Filtering Taxonomy "Load Terms"

  • I am working on a site that requires me to filter a series of taxonomies into a multi-select. I am able to properly filter the choices by using acf/fields/taxonomy/query. However, am I able to filter the “load terms” functionality? For instance, if a post has the following associated terms:
    – Term A
    – Term B
    – Term D

    And the filtered ACF taxonomy field is showing only:
    – Term A
    – Term D

    I’d like the “load terms” to only show Term A and D. Currently, it is showing all three despite Term B not being in the list.

    Is that possible? I don’t see any filters for the load terms functionality.

  • Have you tried removing the unwanted values in an acf/prepare_field filter?

    However, if you also have save terms enabled this will result in the terms being deleted from the post.

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