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Filter or searchbox with acf fields

  • Hi… our team is diving in WP in the vary last months… after several yrs using other cms. And I have to admit that I’m loving WP and specially the ultra flexible cck capabilities of ACF. The first truly professional and well coded plugin that in fact is for free…

    But I find only one downside on all this… The lack of proper documentation to develop a custom search or filter plugin to present the content in all the ways we want and filter by any type of fields that acf offers.

    At least there is no good plugins out there. The only one is “WP Custom Fields Search”, that works but doesn’t seem well coded and the author declare that have no intentions to continue this plugin development… for now.

    Anyway, I always prefer to avoid plugins and code myself, but with my actual knowledge of wp and not-bad php (I supose that is wp_query related), I rly need a plugin that make the magic.

    Please, consider to present a good documentation to create custom searchbox to filter content with acf fields (not only in search.php, also in category.php)

    Or better, a Premium plugin that make that with the excellent quality of acf.

    You have a sure buyer here… Thanks for the attention!

  • You have found the biggest weakness of WordPress. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a simple solution (hence why there are so few search plugins, let alone good ones).

    That said, you can look into Relevanssi (, which is one of the better ones I’ve come across. It does allow you to search by field, but also installs some extra tables and adds a bit of server overhead.

    If you’re running Apache, your best bet for a full-featured search is probably to install Solr and then integrate with WP (I remember seeing a plugin to help with this).

    Good luck

  • Hmmm… sorry but we are wrong

    There are not weak points in WP, most of cases WE are our own waekness…

    I pass these days searching in tons of sites… and WP surprise me, again.


    This above function is the most impressive piece of art that I have ever read. This allow you to crawl all over the site content, and find averything you want… also allow filtering by tazonomies, tags and custom fields.

    Now I have a full working searchbox, with crazy customizations.

    If someone is interested I’ll try to explain the basics…

    Thanks WP for the tools, thanks ACF for keep all in order

    PS: Now… trying to make it by Ajax… coffee!!! 😀

  • Hello, I want to create on my website using the advanced search capabilities WP. (Appeal to the categories and posts) how to do it?

  • Hi Giu Tae Kim!
    “If someone is interested I’ll try to explain the basics…”
    Please do.

    I know there are a couple of years ago but I hope you see that I respond and you still remember how you did. 🙂

    I can the base in some of the coding, but most cut and paste until it works.

    I have not really understood how I should begin. I mix of knowledge from the search form and WP_Query.

    Grateful for answers.
    Best wishes Elle

  • Will someone explain the basics?

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