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Filter get_field results?

  • I have a relationship built between two different post types: 1. Furniture (furniture); 2. Fabrics & Finishes (fabricsandfinishes).

    Fabrics & Finishes has a custom taxonomy attached to it called “Options”.

    On the single Furniture page, I need to display the swatches from Fabrics & Finishes. I’ve got it working according to the documentation and they’re displaying correctly.

    						$swatches = get_field('furniture_swatches');
    						<?php if( $swatches ): ?>
    							<?php foreach( $swatches as $swatch ): ?>
    										<?php echo get_the_post_thumbnail( $swatch->ID );
    							<?php endforeach; ?>
    						<?php endif; ?>

    However, I need to separate the swatches by their taxonomy on the single Furniture page (e.g.—Standard Frames Swatches[][][][][][], Premium Frames[][][][], Awning Fabrics[][][][][][][], ect.)

    I’ve done a lot of searching, but any advice on how to achieve this would be very helpful. Thanks!

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