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Filter from Taxonomy does not show Custom Taxonomies

  • Hi,

    my setup is like this.

    Ive go 2 CPT, “Races” and “Drivers”.
    And a Custom Taxonomy “Seasons” for “Drivers”.

    Now i want to add Drivers to each race with the Relationshop Field.
    But i would like to filter the available drivers by Seasons.

    Problem is, the “Filter from Taxonomy” Option only shows the regular “Posts” “Category” Taxonomy.

    I fiddled around with it some time and found out that if add the custom Taxonomy directly to “Posts” it does show up in the “Filter from Taxonomy Field”.

    Additionally it does only show hierarchical taxonomies.

    I tried this on different WordPress installations with manual cpt and ct initialization and even with the pods plugin.

    But always the same problem.

    Any ideas?

  • A little update,

    If i add the custom taxonomy temporarily to the regular “Posts” in addition to the CPT.

    And then remove it from the regular “Posts”, but leave it on the CPT, it does show up correctly in the “Filter from Taxonomy”.

    Stil look like a bug, but at least this is a walk-around.

    But it does not work at all for non hierarchical taxonomies.
    Is this intended?

  • Hi @n1smo

    Thanks for the info.

    ACF will only show taxonomies that are hierarchical, and that contain terms.

    Perhaps you need to create some seasons first for the taxonomy to appear.

    The only other issue could be your taxonomies public setting. Please make sure there are no settings to make this hidden / private.


  • Is there a reason behind not including taxonomies that are not hierarchical? I have a plugin that registers a taxonomy and hierarchical is set false. I’d rather not customize the plugin file, but I would like to use the filtration functionality on the taxonomy. Is there another work-around that I am failing to see?

    Thanks for all of your work!

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