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Filter $form['return'] from acf_form_head

  • in ACF4 I used to be able to modify the ‘return’ value for a front-end form by directly manipulating $_POST[‘return’] in acf/save_post

    in ACF5 it looks like this is no longer possible because the ‘return’ value is stored in ‘_acf_form’

    is there a way to filter this value?

    if not could we add this as a feature request?

    i need to be able to perform a ‘add_query_arg’ call in the return value in ‘acf/save_post’

  • Hi @locomo,

    Thanks for the post.

    Yes this feature is absent in the Pro version but you can use the ‘return’ argument which is available on the acf_form() $options array.

    For other acf_form() settings, you can refer to the following link:

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