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Filling the custom field through INPUT tag

  • I search the support forum, but haven’t encountered a similar problem, so sorry in advance if its dumb. I have a strong feeling it shouldn’t be hard to solve though.

    I have a rather complex plugin installed that allows me to display events (All in One Event Calendar) and add them through a front-end form. The front-end form is cool and all, but if you are not logged in you cannot load images (like logo of the event or its banner) into the form and it bothers me.

    I came up with a simple solution – instead of a image-loader, accessible only to the users that are logged in, I would display a single textbox and ask guest to fill it with external image URL. I would like this URL to be saved in a custom metabox so that I could retrieve it from back-end (POST->EDIT) and add it manually to the event in question.

    So, I did edit the form to have such a textbox and I have created a ACF Custom field that is being diplayed in the post in question. Hovewer, I can’t get it to fill up through the front-end form. The corresponding form code fragment is as follows:

    <input id="acf-field-CUSTOM_FIELD_ID" name="fields[field_5360c27e4208f]" type="text" class="span9" rows="4"
    placeholder="<?php esc_attr_e( 'Random unimportant gibberish', AI1EC_PLUGIN_NAME ); ?>"

    Input ID and NAME are parameters of the Custom field in question, retrieved from the source code of Edit Page in back-end. When I add a new post, my custom field remain blank, so I obviously missed some important code somewhere. I guess its not that simple.

    I would be immensely grateful for a simple solution/tips/any feedback at all on how to approach the problem.

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