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Filed relationships in the same post

  • Hey everyone!

    I’ve been looking for a solution (or thinking of building one) to have a ACF field type that gets/displays other ACF field content in the very same post.

    User creates a new post with ACF layout builder. The new (not yet saved or published) post for example has 2 Gallery fields (Galery 1, Gallery 2) and 1 oEmbed video field (Video 1) filled in.
    Now user goes to my custom soon-to-be new field type also in that post (maybe a drowdown that has Gallery 1, Gallery 2, Video 1 now loaded in dynamically) and chooses that he/she wants to get image 1 from Gallery 2 to be displayed in some location…

    The whole idea is to avoid duplicate media entry actions by the user. And this is simplified use case of course.

    Does anyone have any idea if anything like that has ever been done?

    Can You point out some guidelines/links about getting ACF field values dynamically during editing process, before they are saved to database? It would be a good start and give me some hope… 😀

    Best wishes and any thoughts appreciated
    Andri / Web Developer in company based in Tallinn, Estonia

  • I have created some examples here that deal with getting values and setting values of some ACF fields using JavaScript It’s not all encompassing, but it’s a starting place

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