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File Upload – Link To Advanced Media Options

  • The file upload is great. My only beef with it is that there’s no easy or quick link to the “Edit More Details” of which the Add Media page has. This is important for any missing fields between the two pages and especially important if the media is a video and the user needs to assign a Post Image to it.

    On that note I would also like to propose integrating assigning a featured “poster” image whenever the media is of a video type but if not a link back to the “Edit More Details” section would work just as fine.

    If the above is unclear I can provide screenshots of what I mean.

  • Hi @howdy_mcgee

    Please open a new support request at [email protected] so that this feature request can get to Elliot sooner.

  • Thanks @acf-support I’ve submitted my request to their forums. Since there’s nothing really to solve here I’ll mark it as so.

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