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Fields went missing

  • Hi,

    We have been following a workflow where we manually create fields inside field groups on local, staging and then finally production.

    Now, the server where live site was hosted earlier had increased value of max_input_vars so I was able to manage a lot of fields but now we are residing on a new server where the max_input_vars was at its default value of 1000.

    I didn’t realize that and I tried adding a new field inside the field group, which lead to loss of some of the old fields in the field group. Now, I am trying to bring them back.

    Its exactly setup the way it needs to be on our staging site but since that was setup manually, it has different field keys than what it would have on the live site. My understanding is that ACF uses field keys internally and its ok if they change till they are unique overall (or just field group?). But I just saw that post meta of pages have field keys saved there.

    Not really sure what’s going on.

    We eventually would like to move to a setup where we commit the PHP export of the field group so understanding how we can move the existing fields without impacting any saved data is important.

    Using ACF 4.3.8

  • Just hit me, even if I add those fields back again, the field keys are still going to be different. Not sure what to do to bring those fields back without impacting saved data.

    I am using ACF FC & Repeater, in case that makes a difference.

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