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Fields spanning entire containter

  • Since the last update, certain fields are spanning the entire parent container, rendering the other fields inaccessible.

    In the following example, the True / False field labeled “Top align content” is overlapping all the other fields. If I try and edit a different field, it toggles the true / false field.

    Backend Field Issue

    Is this a known issue?


  • Reverting from 5.6.6 down to 5.6.5 fixed the issue. Obviously not a long term solution though.

  • Hi Dan

    Thanks for the email,
    Elliot here – ACF dev​​​.

    Sorry for the issue, this little CSS bug has caused a few headaches!
    I have pushed a hotfix for this issue.

    Can you please re-download the ACF PRO plugin files and test the issue.
    An easy way to re-download is to edit the main acf.php plugin file and change the version number ‘5.6.6’ down to ‘5.6.5’
    – please note the version number appears twice in this file and both will need to be changed
    – after this change is made, please update the plugin as per normal and it will update to 5.6.6 (including the new fix)​​​

    Please be sure to hard refresh your browser to clear cached CSS rules.

    Let me know how you go.


  • Thanks, that did the trick. Keep up the great work!

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