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Fields position with Attachments

  • I’m not even sure this is possible. I have a field group that is attached to all attachments. No matter what I set the position to, I can’t get the field group to be higher than media plugins that also insert fields onto attachments. In particular, I’m using “Enable Replace Media” and “Theia Smart Thumbnail Crop”. Looks like WordPress outputs a table that houses all media related plugin options with the class of compat-attachment-fields. After that table closes, the ACF div appears.

    If it’s possible in the future (or now!), I’d like to get the ACF fields to come out before compat-attachment-fields. In my case, the ACF fields are key to the content/site, the plugin fields are only helpers.

  • Hi @will

    Thanks for the question.

    Currently, ACF does not have the ability to insert before / after other plugins during the attachment fields filter.

    Perhaps this is something that I can look at in the future, but for now you will need to manually adjust the priority of the attachment_fields_to_edit filter.


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