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Fields not visible in backend

  • Hi,

    I have updated the website of my customer (WordPress and also to the new version of ACF), but now something strange happens. In the database (MySql) I see the records for the field I created along time a go. Below is a example of one of the records, in this case is it a checkbox field. But when I go the page where I normally edit the custom field, they are all gone (see the screenshot). In this case this field is also missing by post_type ‘product’. Is there someone how can help me, to get the field back in the backend?

    a:11:{s:3:’key’;s:19:’field_598d9e72f75be’;s:5:’label’;s:16:’Show at homepage’;s:4:’name’;s:17:’homepage_cat_show’;s:4:’type’;s:8:’checkbox’;s:12:’instructions’;s:0:”;s:8:’required’;s:1:’1′;s:7:’choices’;a:1:{i:1;s:4:’Show’;}s:13:’default_value’;s:1:’1′;s:6:’layout’;s:8:’vertical’;s:17:’conditional_logic’;a:3:{s:6:’status’;s:1:’0′;s:5:’rules’;a:1:{i:0;a:2:{s:5:’field’;s:4:’null’;s:8:’operator’;s:2:’==’;}}s:8:’allorany’;s:3:’all’;}s:8:’order_no’;i:4;}

    Kind regards,

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