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Fields not saving on existing pages

  • I have a simple text field and a couple radio buttons. The input and selections do not save on any pages that already exist. If I create a new page everything works as expected.

    – It’s not timing out.
    – I’ve tried disabling all plugins and using the default twentyfifteen theme.

  • Found the problem. The previous theme was using page templates (specifically, no_sidebars.php) and since the new theme (and twentyfifteen) do not, it was looking for that no_sidebars.php template on save and just giving a silent error when it wasn’t found. And so the meta fields were not being saved.

    All I had to do was set all the Pages back to “default” in the database. The following did the trick:

    UPDATE wp_postmeta SET meta_value = replace(meta_value,'no_sidebars.php','default') WHERE meta_key = '_wp_page_template';

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