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Fields not metaboxed on User form

  • Hi,
    I have just done a new ACF install on a new site and am surprised to find, unlike a previous setup, that field groups I create on a User Form are not metaboxed.

    * Old: WP 5.8.1, ACF Pro 5.8.9 + several add-ons

    * New: WP 5.8.1, ACF standard 5.10.2, pretty clean

    “Standard (WP metabox)” is selected in both cases. But, in the new case, a white box does not appear around the field group.

    When moving the group to a Post page, it is clearly metaboxed properly.

    Any ideas, please?

  • Probably because the *white-boxed* things are Groups/Repeaters etc, rather than individual fields, is that right?

  • Oh, this looks to have been a feature of ACF Extended, which even wraps native WP User field areas in metaboxes

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