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Fields not displaying in pages in back end

  • Hi There, I have the advanced custom fields set up and they are displaying as options to select in posts but not pages. I added the same coding from the posts to the pages and they are not an option for the data entry person to see on the back end.

    I have the following code listed in the editor for posts in single.php

    ` <b>Locations: </b><?php echo get_field(‘area’); ?>    <?php echo get_field(‘location’); ?>

    I have added this same coding into the page.php and it is not showing up when I go to add a page.

    I am seeing in the Screen Options section of wordpress for posts the section that says Boxes displays the options for both of the field groups that I created: Additional Fields and Amenities. These boxes are not showing up for Pages, so does ACF only work on posts? I am really new to this and am lost. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks so much. -Beth

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