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Fields missing in register template page

  • Hi and greatings from Brazil!
    I try to use ACF in a theme (Classipress) to input some fields in “Register” template page, but the fields don’t show…
    Can you help to solve or understand what I need to do?
    Have some history with this theme (Classipress)?
    The website is:

    Tkz and waiting!

  • I don’t know anything about the theme you’re using. Does the “Register” page use the standard WP registration form or does the them use a custom registration form?

  • Hi John! The register template isn’t the regular WP registration form…
    Can you see in that link:
    Is a template page of that theme – ClassiPress.
    When I see the template page in “admin” or backend, the fields are there! But don’t show in frontend…
    I need insert two fileds in that registration, only that!

    Can you help me with that?

  • You would need to edit the template file and add an ACF form to it You will need to insert it inside the <form></form> on the page and set the form argument for acf_form() to false. You’ll also need to tell ACF that it’s dealing with user fields by setting the correct post_id value for acf_form().

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